The candidates can apply for Doğuş University undergraduate programmes by submitting the required documents. They can either submit the document in person or send them via e-mail/mail/fax. The documents required for application must be translated if they are written in any language other than Turkish or English.

  • The application form which has been filled. Click for the Online application form. (Please make sure that all the parts were filled completely and all the documents were attached.)
  • If available, a copy of the original exam result regarding High School Exit Exam ratified by Higher Education Council (Abitur, International Baccalaureate, GCE, Tawjihi, etc.) or the exams taken in the last two years and considered equivalent to University Entrance Exam (SAT, etc.),
  • A copy of high school diploma certified by a notary or the consulate, (If not graduated, an approved document showing that the student will graduate by the beginning of 2014-2015 academic year.)
  • The transcription. The original transcription, approved by the school director and showing the courses and the grades,
  • If received, the copy of a certificate of competence in English which is accepted by the university,
  • The copy of the passport pages or identity card that include the photo and the identity information,

- Click here “the exam result documents that can be used for application any of the below is sufficient”
- Click for Diploma Programmes ratified by Higher Education Council to be used for application

The Application Requirements of the Programmes Accepting Students with a Special Aptitude Test

Students who would like to apply for the programs accepting students with an aptitude test must complete the necessary processes (pre-registration Fee, application form) to be able to preregister for the test during the preregistration dates. The documents necessary for the pre-registration are stated below;

  1. Pre-registration application form.
  2. If available, a copy of the original exam result.
  3. A copy of high school diploma.
  4. 2 photos.
  5. The bank receipt which shows that the pre-registration fee has been paid.

The Special Skill Exam will be held at D.U Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Students taking the test are required to bring the necessary materials / equipment with them. For further information, please send an e-mail to