The students who have been qualified to be accepted to Doğuş University are to register in person at the Student Affairs Office dates of registration with the necessary documents stated below. If the documents required for the registration are in any languages except for Turkish and English, they should be translated.

  • The original copy of the exam result submitted for application (SAT I, ACT, etc.)
  • The original high school diploma and a copy of it which is certified by the TC Embassy or Consulate in their countries, original high school diploma if they finished high school in Turkey),
  • Equivalence certificate of diploma (obtained from Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education or Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their own countries),
  • The original transcript and its certified copy by the TC Embassy or Consulate in their countries
  • A certified copy of Official ID or passport pages which show identity information by the TC Embassy or Consulate in their countries),
  • 6 passport photos (taken in the last six months)
  • Bank receipt or voucher showing tuition fee,
  • Student visa which will be taken through the TC Embassy in their countries,
  • The original certificate in foreign language proficiency whose copy was submitted during application period.

The students should submit the following documents to the Student Affairs within a month after the enrolment by applying to the relevant institutions with the document given by Student Affairs.